Land Rover. let’s Be Eco Friends

We would like to create a campaign that challenges the conventional thinking where car companies protect and patent their ideas. If they come up with a way to create more eco-friendly vehicles, they have a moral obligation to share it.

An invitation to those people
Who live on earth?
In the real world if you will
What’s the point of having technology that saves the planet
and only having it on one make of car?
Land Rover will show you theirs
If you show everybody yours.
We’re calling on all car companies
To share their eco friendly technology
Leave it out their for all to see
And in a state of undress
Nothing underhand,
Lets get it online and out in the open
Let’s get governments involved
They own most of the car companies anyway
Lets get them to make it illegal to patent eco friendly technology
After all executives might work for Audi Merc and Lexus
But they all live in the same place
At the end of the day
Regardless of what car we drive we all live on earth.