• We’re not spectators any more

    Our world is now full of people who aren’t content to simply sit and watch; they want to create stuff. Some of it good. Some of it amazing. Most of it bad beyond words. All of it competing for eyes and ears, hearts and minds. And cash.

    So, what was true when we first started in this business is still true today: brilliant ideas will get you noticed. And a brilliant idea doesn’t care about what channel it goes in.


    A project we worked on with Ben Walker and Matt Gooden. The truly talented footballers don’t come from the academies! We’re taking what’s beautiful offline and showing it off Online! Football is coming back soon to a street near you.

  • Meerkat. The Musical.

    A Year of Meerkat Movies
    comparethemarket.com has unveiled its latest advertisement for Meerkat Movies, which captures the magic and surprise of the silver screen. Packed with over a dozen iconic film references throughout, the ad reimagines Barbara Streisand’s ‘Rain On My Parade,’ sung by Aleksandr, to bring to life the variety of films that can be seen with a year’s membership of Meerkat Movies.

  • Department for Work and Pensions

    Somewhere out there

  • The Times. Know Your Times.

    Cut Through the Noise. Our new television campaign demonstrates how we cut through the noise to focus on the stories that matter. Leaving readers not just informed, but well-informed.

  • The Army. Be The Best.

    This is where we learnt that the true test of creativity is the ability to be media agnostic – the campaign for the Army won pencils for Best Multi Media Advertising: everything from a crossword ad to an online game. Very proud to have been part of it.

  • Domestos

    We created this campaign to help Unilever defend their brand and successfully fight off thinner and own label bleaches. Who says scare tactics don’t work?

  • Nokia. It’s What Mobiles Have Become.

    We won this account together. Then Greg took all the credit by working with Oliver Green and some of the finest actors and directors on the planet to produce this body of work.

    He also managed to get a Number One Dance Track with a remix of the Harry Dean Stanton voiceover.


So far this year

We’ve picked up a Grand Prix at the Drum Awards and two silvers at Creative Circle for ‘Tournamental’. The ‘Know Your Times’ campaign for The Times has just won a D&AD pencil. Next up Cannes and the BIG Awards.

Over the years

We’ve consistently created work that has won awards. Including 6 D&AD pencils,  The Grand Prix at Drum 2018, 3 Cannes lions, 8 Campaign Press, 2 Campaign Poster, 7 Eurobest, 9 Creative Circle Awards, several BTAA awards and school of Kinsale sharks.


I’m currently at AMVBBDO after spending 2017/18 as a CD at VCCP with the role of looking after their social offering, at the same time as being CD on EasyJet, launching their flying car service and real time snowfall skiing poster. There was also a musical to write for the Meerkats! I led pitches for Nationwide social and the GLA cleaner air campaign, winning both. Watch this space for the 2019 launch of the Virgin Bet campaign.

Over the years we’ve led pitches and been part of the teams that have helped agencies win over £500m worth of new business for clients both big and small. THE ARMY, MERCEDES BENZ, INFINITI, NOKIA, THE NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY and THE GLA CLEANER AIR CAMPAIGN with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to name just a few.  I’m also in the middle of pitching an idea to NIKE and developing an app. Who isn’t nowadays?

I’ve enjoyed long term stints at CP+B, CHI, GREY and IRIS working on, and leading numerous pitches. Prior to that I held the position of Global Integrated Creative Director at both SAATCHI & SAATCHI and LOWE.

Dave Bounaguidi, Vix Maguire, Shaun Mcllrath and both Jim Thornton (ECD) and David Boscawen (GMD) at VCCP would be happy to provide references if the ones below don’t do the trick.

What others say

I worked with Greg for four years at Lowe Worldwide while I was the Global lead on Nokia and he was the Global Creative Director. It was a very exciting and innovative time for us all. Not only were we leading the integration of best in class cross discipline IPG agencies to deliver a single solution to the client, but a single media neutral creative idea led all thinking, overseen and managed through the agencies by Greg and his co creative director.

The global work was break through for an increasingly crowded marketplace in which we won awards for creativity, integration and even hit the top of the dance charts. The creative work Greg led was key in building Nokia’s multi media division which became Nokia’s fastest growing and most profitable business division (until 2009 when the iPhone changed the market). This in turn built Lowe and IPG’s Nokia revenue to £40m.

Greg not only led a very collaborative integrated creative team but it was then I saw Greg become a genuine ‘idea first’ media neutral creative. He is also one of the most strategic creatives I have worked with, always looking to understand the insight from which he can build fresh ideas that cut through.

Greg is passionate about building ideas, nurturing others and growing client’s business.

He is also a great bloke.

There is one fundamental difference between creatives who are very good Creative Directors, and those amongst that group who naturally elevate themselves to Executive Creative Director. The difference is they haven’t just mastered the executional craft skills necessary to produce world class creative ideas and campaigns, it is that they also have an extraordinary level of strategic understanding. They start not from the perspective of how to win creative awards, they start from the point of wanting to identify the problem to be solved. They get it right, then they execute to world class levels. Greg is the equal of any of the Executive Creative Directors I have worked with and I have been lucky to work with the likes of Trevor Beattie, Jeremy Sinclair, John Boiler, John Matthews, Ed Morris and Al Young. Having worked with Greg as my creative partner for 4 years I believe he is a massive asset to any agency or client.

Kieron worked directly with Greg at Lowe and Partners Worldwide.

Greg, along with Jay Frewell his partner in grime at the time came up with the breakthrough Domestos campaign Germworld which runs to this day and has been rolled out worldwide. Greg is a strong creative talent who has the self confidence and experience that allows him to work in a client facing team and deliver highquality executional and strategic results, he really takes time to understand a brief and the consumer before putting pen to paper and works to very high standards.

Sean was Greg’s client

Greg develop for us one of the most succesful advertising campaings ever. It still runs today and it is a best practice case study in Unilever. Together with his partner Jay they worked with us in a way I have not expoerience before or since then, being part of the team and taking the work forward with a lot of passion and commitment

Marcos was Greg’s client

Greg has the talent to turn complicated product messages into intriguing advertising concepts. He creates marketing communication that tells a strong story both visually and verbally. Greg involves the client in the creative process, which makes the collaboration a fruitful and fun process. He is an asset for any team that works on challenging international assignments.

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